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Coastal Hill Farm

Local Grass-Fed Pasture Raised Eggs (Large)

1 dozen
Local Grass-Fed Pasture Raised Eggs (Large)

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1 dozen multi-colored large eggs.

Coastal Hill Farm Eggs offers the authentic flavor of eggs produced by hens who enjoy a diet rich in fresh grasses, insects, and seeds while residing in spacious and comfortable surroundings. This contentment among the hens is reflected in the remarkable quality of their eggs, naturally boasting higher levels of good cholesterol and omega-3 fatty acids, thanks to their access to nutrient-rich greens like grasses.

Coastal Hill Farm has shifted from organic egg production, however maintains all the same practices. While the eggs may no longer be certified organic, their commitment to the well-being of the hens and the quality of their eggs remains unwavering. You can trust that Coastal Hill Farm continues to uphold the same high standards that have made it a trusted source of natural and healthy eggs.

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Coastal Hill Farm
Our mission: Preserving family farming as a way of life. The mission of Coastal Hill Farm & Egg Co-op is to provide a fair price to farming families for their eggs and produce so that they can continue doing what they’re best at: farming. Pastured, organic chickens are not cheap nor easy to raise well. But due to small flock sizes all of the birds whose eggs we represent are afforded the best animal husbandry and care that can only be expected from family farms.Read more