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Cloud Paper

Bamboo Toilet Paper 12 Pack

4.75 lb
Bamboo Toilet Paper 12 Pack

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Crafted from sustainably sourced bamboo, this toilet paper offers a soft and luxurious feel while minimizing environmental impact. Each roll is carefully crafted to provide strength and durability, ensuring a comfortable and reliable experience with every use. With its hypoallergenic and biodegradable properties, Cloud Paper Bamboo Toilet Paper is gentle on the skin and eco-conscious, making it a responsible choice for your home. Join the movement towards sustainability and make a positive impact on the planet with Cloud Paper Bamboo Toilet Paper - 12 Pack.

Ingredients: 100% Bamboo

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About The Producer

Cloud Paper
Seattle, WA
Cloud Paper aims to end deforestation caused by traditional paper products by offering a sustainable alternative with 100% bamboo products, plastic-free packaging, and carbon-neutral deliveries. As the fastest growing plant, bamboo is ultra-renewable and reduces your carbon footprint by 30% compared to tree-based paper. FSC certified, Cloud Paper's high-quality, soft, and absorbent products ensure no sacrifice in making the eco-friendly switch.Read more