Climate Candy

FAVES Peach + Mango

4 oz

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FAVES Peach + Mango

Product Details

Climate Candy rescues unharvested fruits and veggies from farms and gives them new life as perfectly imperfect candies. 

Ingredients: apple juice, apple puree, pumpkin puree, peach puree, mango puree, sweet potato powder, juice from concentrate (carrot, beetroot, lemon) pectin, natural flavor, rice flour

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About The Producer

Climate Candy
Hermosa Beach, CA
Climate Candy is revolutionizing the way we think about sweets with their FAVES fruit chews, turning perfectly imperfect fruits and vegetables into delicious, nutritious candy. Every pack of FAVES offers two servings of fruits and veggies, embodying stealth nutrition in a bite-sized treat. By rescuing produce destined for waste, Climate Candy not only delights taste buds but also champions sustainability and a circular economy.Read more