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Superfood Oven-Baked Dog Biscuits

5 oz
$32.22 / oz

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Superfood Oven-Baked Dog Biscuits

Product Details

Each 5 oz pouch contains 30 treats

Each Superfood bite is packed with peanut butter, pumpkin, and cricket protein, a complete protein that is easier to digest than traditional proteins such as chicken or beef. These tasty treats are rich in omega-3s and smell so good tails will be wagging! Enjoy as a meal topper, training treat, or snack on the go! Break it into smaller pieces, as needed, and watch your pup go wild. This product is intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only. Veterinarians recommend keeping treats to 10% of daily calories.

Eco Fact: Cattle emit methane that is 25x as potent as CO2, trapping large amounts of heat in the atmosphere. Cricket is a nutrient-dense protein source that emits zero methane!

Ingredients: Oats, Peanut Butter, Crickets (Gryllodes sigillatus), Pumpkin, Flaxseed, Chopped Peanuts, Sunflower Oil, Honey, Cinnamon

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About The Producer

Arlington, VA
Chippin is a small women-owned business that's on a mission to nourish dogs with high quality foods that help "chip in" to reduce the carbon pawprint. Chippin is made with a curated selection of all natural ingredients including planet-friendly proteins like cricket, spirulina and silver carp. These are science-backed sources of digestible protein that use 80%+ fewer resources. High quality, planet friendly pet foods made from underutilized proteinsRead more