Che Fico

Pomodoro Sauce

24 oz
Pomodoro Sauce

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Che Fico's Pomodoro Sauce is a taste of Italy in a jar. Crafted with the finest locally sourced tomatoes, slow-cooked to perfection, this sauce is a burst of sun-kissed flavor. Versatile and rich, it enhances pasta, pizza, or crusty bread with its velvety texture and aromatic herbs. Packaged in rustic jars, Che Fico's Pomodoro Sauce brings the authentic essence of Italian cuisine to your table – a celebration of simplicity and quality. Buon appetito!

Ingredients: Organic Bianco Di Napoli Tomato, Olive Oil, Garlic, Basil, Salt

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Che Fico
San Francisco, CA
Che Fico is not just a restaurant; it's an Italian Taverna in San Francisco's Nopa neighborhood, where the joy of gathering with friends over fantastic food and drinks takes center stage. They've created an inviting space that beautifully blends the essence of Northern California with Italian culinary traditions. The menu features handmade pasta, pizzas, antipasti, housemade salumi, and more, drawing inspiration from both California and traditional Jewish-Roman heritage, known as "Cucina Ebraica." Che Fico is your taste of Italy in the heart of California.Read more