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Camembert Double Creme

8 oz
Camembert Double Creme

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Delight your senses with the sumptuous and velvety indulgence of Camembert Double Crème Chatelain. This extraordinary cheese, hailing from the heart of France, is the epitome of creamy decadence.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Camembert Double Crème Chatelain boasts a rich and buttery texture, a hallmark of the finest Camembert cheeses. What sets it apart is the indulgent addition of extra cream, elevating its decadence to a whole new level. The result is a cheese that practically melts in your mouth, delivering a luscious, full-bodied flavor that is both mild and irresistibly creamy.

With its bloomy rind and exquisite white interior, this Camembert is not only a treat for the palate but also a work of art for the eyes. Perfect for spreading on crusty bread, pairing with fresh fruit, or enjoying with a glass of your favorite wine, Camembert Double Crème Chatelain is a luxurious addition to any cheese platter and a true expression of French culinary excellence. Experience the height of gourmet indulgence with every delightful bite.

Ingredients: Pasteurized milk, Enzymes, Rennet, Salt, P. Candidum

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Le Châtelain
Normandy, France
Le Châtelain - A Slice of Normandy in Every Bite. Hailing from Normandy, France, Le Châtelain brings the essence of authentic French flavors to the heart of the United States. Their passion for preserving the rich complexity of Camembert cheese showcases a tradition that's truly reminiscent of France.Read more