Chateau De Millet

30 Year Armagnac

750 ml
30 Year Armagnac

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All Chateau de Millet Armagnacs are produced exclusively from their own vines of Baco and Ugni Blanc grapes, harvested, vinified and distilled on site. The vines enjoy a north westerly position on the green hills where the soil alternates between clay limestone and the sandy soils known as 'sables fauves'. This specific soil from the Bas-Armagnac area is renowned for its delicate and fruity brandies. The full vineyard is 220 acres, with 25 acres devoted to Armagnac and just under 200 acres of vines for the production of Côtes de Gascogne wines. This is a selection from the Vintage & Rare collection. As soon as they are out of the still, the brandies are put in 400 liter local white oak barrels for a slow aging. The eau de vie will be blended into VS, VSOP, or XO, but select casks are held to be bottled in prestigious vintages, little by little, as single casks. Each vintage remains in barrel until they are bottled on the date shown on the label. Vintages are generally available by special order only on a pre-sale basis from 1975 through 2010 inclusive (except for 1991, a frost year).We have also selected a number of celebratory vintages to showcase the depth of the range, currently including this special 30 Year Aged armagnac.

Ingredients: Uni Blanc & Baco Grapes, Distilled Water

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Chateau De Millet
Bas Armagnac, France
Château de Millet, a fifth-generation family-owned business, is led by Laurence Dèche, the first female Master Distiller in the family. Committed to environmental responsibility through High Environmental Value (HEV) farming, they cultivate Baco and Ugni Blanc grapes exclusively for their Armagnacs. With a 220-acre vineyard and sustainable practices, including recycled packaging and reduced resource use, Château de Millet produces authentic Armagnacs known for their delicate and fruity character. Their dedication extends to compliance with French labor laws, ensuring fairness and a balanced work life.Read more