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Charles Chocolates

Ruby Raspberry & Pistachio Chocolate Bar


3.5 oz
Ruby Raspberry & Pistachio Chocolate Bar

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Embark on a sweet adventure with the Charles Chocolate Ruby Raspberry & Pistachio Bar. This chocolate bar is a unique blend of the innovative Ruby chocolate, renowned for its natural berry and fruit undertones, and the vibrant flavors of freeze-dried raspberries. The tart and sweet raspberries enhance the Ruby chocolate's fruity essence, creating a harmonious and delightful taste experience. The addition of deeply roasted pistachios brings a satisfying crunch and a rich, nutty contrast to the bar's fruity vibrancy. Each bite of this chocolate bar is a journey through a tapestry of flavors, offering a novel and enjoyable chocolate experience. The Charles Chocolate Ruby Raspberry & Pistachio Bar is more than just a treat; it's a celebration of unique tastes and textures, thoughtfully crafted for those who appreciate a distinctive chocolate journey.

Ingredients: Ruby (sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, unsweetened chocolate, citric acid, soy lecithin), pistachios and freeze dried raspberries.

Contains: Milk, Soy, Tree nuts (pistachios)

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About The Producer

Charles Chocolates
Oakland, CA
Charles Chocolates, founded by Chuck Siegel, is renowned for its dedication to fresh, high-quality ingredients in making artisan chocolates. Emphasizing that chocolates are fresh food, the brand stands out for its handcrafted products made to order, avoiding preservatives and artificial flavors. This commitment has earned Charles Chocolates numerous accolades and a reputation as one of the most acclaimed small-batch artisan chocolate lines in the U.S.Read more