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Cellarmaker Brewing Company

Coffee & Cigarettes Smoked Coffee Porter 4-Pack

4 count
$0.36 / fl oz
Coffee & Cigarettes Smoked Coffee Porter 4-Pack

Product Details

Four 16 fl oz pints

Indulge in the unique and smoky allure of Cellarmaking Brewing Co. Coffee & Cigarettes Smoked Coffee Porter 4-Pack. This lightly smoked coffee porter combines German beechwood smoked malt with high-quality English malts, resulting in a chocolaty, roasty base beer. To elevate this brew, we infuse two pounds of Sightglass Ethiopian Gogogu coffee per barrel, delivering an intense yet refined coffee character that's sure to please your senses.

Ingredients: Water, Malt, Hops, Yeast, Coffee

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About The Producer

Cellarmaker Brewing Company
San Francisco, CA
Meet Cellarmaker Brewing Company, the artisans of beer from San Francisco. They're all about the craft, producing small batches of brews that ignite your taste buds with unique flavors. In a world where repetition is the norm, Cellarmaker thrives on constant experimentation, never sticking to a routine. If you're after a beer experience that's anything but ordinary, you've found your brewers.Read more