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Cascadian Farm

Organic Frozen Cut Kale


10 oz
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Organic Frozen Cut Kale

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10 oz, arrives frozen
Cascadian Farm's Organic Frozen Cut Kale is an absolute staple of our freezers for every weeknight dinner you can imagine. Cook right from frozen in your microwave or by boiling or steaming; we've even been known to drop a whole chunk into soup and let it cook right in the broth for a serious flavor and vitamin boost. Add cut kale to your smoothies, quiches, baked eggs and more, or let it stand alone in a sauté with lemon zest and a pinch of chili pepper—just remember to pick up a new bag for your next back-pocket meal.

organic kale

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Cascadian Farm
Skagit Valley, WA
Since 1972, Cascadian Farms has been leading by example: dedicated to organic and non-GMO farming, supporting pollinators, and supporting other farmers. Great for your family, and great for the earth.Read more