Casablanca Organics

Casablanca Organics

Casablanca Valley, Chile
Casablanca Organics is a family company that grows and exports organic apples. It is a project that me and my wife Cecilia started ten years ago in our farm at the Casablanca Valley, Chile. Casablanca is a Valley in the central part of Chile, between Santiago (the capital city) and Valparaíso (the main port). This valley is very well known for its wines, particularly the sauvignon blanc, chardonnay and pinot noir. In this area, in between the mountains, there is another small valley called Lo Orozco, where apples used to be cultivated because of the microclimate and the benign weather conditions of the zone, as well as less conditions for pests and diseases for the fruit due to its natural isolation that mountains gives to this place.

Our involvement in the organic fruit industry started many years ago when my wife and I (both medical doctors) realized the importance of food in people's health. We strongly believe that people's health depends very much on what they eat, especially concerning fruits and vegetables in the diet.

In the last five years we have been even thinking that organic agriculture (which basically replaces chemical fertilizers and pesticides by organic inputs, such as compost), was not enough for the sustainability of agriculture. So we gave one step forward by introducing the concept of Agroecology, that means, the development of the natural ecosystems in the fields to better control pests and diseases. To do that, is important to improve biodiversity (green covers, soil and tree's microorganisms) so we could enhance the natural ecosystems that interact with living plants and trees and by improving the biological processes make trees healthier, with a better immune system and more productive as they express their best potential.

By incorporating these concepts we feel we are doing a more sustainable agriculture not only because we better protect the environment and the biological systems, but also we could be economically more sustainable, by reducing the cost of inputs and the presence of pests or diseases that may affect tree's production.

There is also consideration for social sustainability; we have done this, by teaching the people who work with us, the concepts of this agriculture and the benefits that they get for not being exposed at work, with toxics or chemicals, and making them understand, the benefits to consider the same concepts in their own home orchards.
We wanted to build a long term business in which we care for our consumers and let them have the best apple, with the best behavior and quality, raised in an environmentally friendly place, that is also socially sustainable.

We have now more than 100 acres, in which we grow three apple varieties: Gala, Granny Smith and Pink Lady, to be offered to the Northern Hemisphere and Europe, in the counter station. Me and my team, feel proud to present you the best organic apple grow in the Casablanca and Lo Orozco Valley with the modern concepts of sustainable agriculture.
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