California Olive Ranch

Everyday Extra Virgin Olive Oil

500 ml
$0.82 / fl oz
Everyday Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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500 mililiter bottle
California Olive Ranch's Destination Series Everyday Extra Virgin Olive Oil uses olives grown in California, Argentina, Chile, and Portugal. It's blended and bottled in California and has a floral, buttery, fruity aroma. You'll get a great smooth flavor with hints of green apple. Use this versatile oil for baking, sautéing, dressings, sauces, marinades, and more.

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California Olive Ranch
Chico, CA
We think you should know exactly where the olives in your olive oil come from. Our olive oil is traceable back to the California ranches where our olives are grown. We also believe that you should know how fresh your olive oil is, that’s why every bottle of our olive oil displays the harvest date.Read more