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Burritos La Palma

Con Todo Burritos (Birria, Bean & Cheese)

23 oz
Con Todo Burritos (Birria, Bean & Cheese)

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"""The Burritos La Palma Con Todo Burritos Kit (Birria, Bean & Cheese) transforms the classic burrito into a coveted dining experience, starting with a handcrafted tortilla praised as ""the best flour tortilla in Southern California"" by OC Weekly. This tortilla, notable for its softness, chewiness, and rich blend of flour, butter, and salt, wraps around two distinct fillings: the savory combination of beans and cheese, and their renowned shredded braised beef birria. Each kit provides a balanced assortment, including two burritos of each flavor, crisped to a golden perfection.

Every kit is accompanied by salsa and detailed reheating instructions. Whether it's a special occasion or a treat to yourself, the Con Todo Burritos Kit promises a taste of LA's finest, in the comfort of your own home.

Ingredients:Birria - Beef, Chilies, Spices, Salt. Bean & Cheese - Pinto Beans, three Cheese Blend, Lard, Salt. Flour Tortilla - Flour, Water, Butter, Vegetable Oil, Salt, Baking Powder. Salsa - Tomatoes, Chilies, Salt, Cilantro, Scallions

Contains: Wheat, Milk.

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Burritos La Palma
El Monte
Burritos Las Palma is a critically acclaimed restaurant in LA that makes Zacatecan-style burritos.Read more