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Tofu Stir-Fry with Brussels Sprouts & Black Bean Sauce Kit

3 servings
Tofu Stir-Fry with Brussels Sprouts & Black Bean Sauce Kit

Product Details

Active time: 15 min, Total time: 15 mins, 3 servings

Cruciferous vegetables add big crunch to saucy stir-fries, but bite-size Brussels offer a fresh twist, along with a crush of local walnuts. 

Contains: soy, tree nuts, wheat.

What You Get

Brussels sprouts



Black bean sauce

Chopped and toasted walnuts

Cooked rice

What You'll Need

Canola oil

Chile flakes (optional)

Step 1

Trim the Brussels sprouts and cut them in half lengthwise. Thinly slice a handful of scallions. Remove the tofu from the packaging and pat dry with paper towels. Dice the tofu into bite-size pieces (about ¾-inch cubes).

Step 2

In a wok or large sauté pan over medium-high heat, warm 2 tablespoons canola oil. Add the tofu and stir-fry until browned, 5 to 8 minutes. Transfer the tofu to a plate and keep warm.

Step 3

Return the pan to the heat and add another 2 tablespoons canola oil. Add the Brussels sprouts and stir-fry until lightly browned and nearly tender, 6 minutes.

Step 4

Return the tofu to the pan and turn down the heat to low. Add the black bean sauce and the walnuts and stir to combine. Add a pinch of chile flakes, if you like a little heat.

Step 5

Reheat the rice in the microwave until steamed through and warm, 1 to 2 minutes or according to package instructions.

Step 6

Heap the rice on plates and spoon the tofu stir-fry over. Sprinkle with the scallions and serve warm.

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