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Smoked Fish Platter Kit

8 servings

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Smoked Fish Platter Kit

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Sure, you could set out the usual salami and cheese—or go wild with this piscine platter. A trio of sturgeon, trout, and salmon feel like a special occasion.

Contains: milk, fish, wheat.

What You Get

Hot-smoked sturgeon

Smoked trout salad

Smoked salmon lox




Pickled onions


Fromage blanc

Rye bread

Step 1

Slice the smoked sturgeon. Transfer the trout into a bowl. Arrange the salmon, sturgeon, and trout on a platter. Trim, core, and thinly slice a handful of fennel. Cut the lemon into wedges. Pick the dill fronds. On a plate, arrange the fennel, lemon wedges, pickled onions, capers, dill, and fromage blanc. Slice and toast the rye bread. Pile the rye on the side and serve.

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