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Mimosa Kit

10 servings
Mimosa Kit

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This beloved brunch cocktail is as bright and cheerful as could be. Whether you’re dishing up a special occasion brunch or toasting a lazy afternoon, you can’t go wrong with a classic mimosa.

What You Get

Sparkling wine

Organic orange juice

What You'll Need

Pop the cork on the sparkling wine: remove the foil and the wire cage covering the cork, then hold the cork firmly in one hand and turn the bottle gently with the other hand. The pressure of the bubbles inside will help ease the cork out without much effort. The quieter the “pop,” the more fizz in your bubbles.

Pour each glass half full of orange juice, then slowly pour in the sparkling wine. It will bubble up a bit, so keep an eye and don’t let it overflow (adding the juice first helps the two mix, but can cause some fizzing). Cheers!

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