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Gingery Slaw with Coconut & Cashews Kit

4 servings
Gingery Slaw with Coconut & Cashews Kit

Product Details

Active time: 10 mins, Total time: 10 mins. Makes 4 side servings.

Crunchy cabbage, cashews, and coconut bring big texture to this simple side salad. Toss them all together in a tangy dressing — the flavor actually improves if it sits and marinates a bit.

Contains: tree nuts, soy, wheat

What You Get

Green onions


Cabbage slaw

Toasted coconut flakes

Soy-ginger dressing


What You'll Need

Salt and freshly ground pepper

Step 1

Trim and slice the green parts of 4 green onions (you should have about ½ cup). Roughly chop ½ cup cashews. In a bowl, combine the cabbage slaw, ½ cup coconut flakes, the green onions, and the cashews. Drizzle with the soy-ginger dressing and the juice of ½ lime, season with salt and pepper, and toss to coat. Let rest for a few minutes before serving.

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