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Antipasti Board Kit

8 servings
Antipasti Board Kit

Product Details

Time: 15 min active, 15 min total. Makes 8 servings.

The ultimate party platter features not just meat and cheese, but a heritage pork salame, clothbound Cheddar, and triple-cream. Fresh fruit, dried fruit, olives, and almonds make it abundant.

Contains: milk, wheat.

What You Get

Heritage pork salame

Clothbound Cheddar cheese


Triple-cream cheese


Dried cherries

Marcona almonds

Castelvetrano olives

Quince or fig jam

Par-baked baguette


What You'll Need

Honey (optional)

Whole-grain or Dijon mustard (optional)

Step 1

Remove the white skin from the salame, and slice it into thin rounds. Slice the Cheddar, removing and discarding the rind. Arrange the salame, prosciutto, and cheeses on a board. Core and slice the apple. Scatter the apple, dried fruit, and almonds around the cheeses. Place the olives, quince jam, honey, and mustard, if using, in small bowls, and set out an empty bowl for pits. Slice and toast the baguette. Pile the baguette and crackers on the side and serve.

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