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Buck Wild Brewing

Rotating Gluten-Free Seasonal Sour

4 count
$0.34 / fl oz
Rotating Gluten-Free Seasonal Sour

Product Details

Four 16 fl oz cans

Buck Wild Brewing's Rotating Seasonal Sour adds a burst of excitement to your beer journey with its ever-changing flavors. Each seasonal release offers a new and delightful sour experience that keeps your taste buds engaged and intrigued. Whether it's fruity, tart, or complex, this rotating sour is a testament to the creativity and innovation of Buck Wild Brewing.

Ingredients: Water, Rice, Millet, Blood Orange, Orange, Guava, Mediterranean Sea Salt, Hops, & Yeast

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About The Producer

Buck Wild Brewing
Oakland, CA
Buck Wild Brewing, the pioneer of 100% gluten-free craft beer in California, brings a unique twist to the brewing scene. Nestled in Oakland's Historic Warehouse District, this brewery crafts exceptional gluten-free beers using innovative ingredients like millet, rice, and buckwheat. The founder's personal journey towards a gluten-free lifestyle, coupled with a passion for the outdoors, drove him to create a space where people could bond over a cold brew after adventurous exploits.Read more