Buck Wild Brewing

Alpenglow Gluten-Free Hazy IPA

4 count
$0.34 / fl oz
Alpenglow Gluten-Free Hazy IPA

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Four 16 fl oz cans, 6.5% ABV

Buck Wild Brewing's Alpenglow Hazy IPA is a shining star in the craft beer world, capturing the essence of hop terroir with every sip. This GABF '22 Gold award-winning brew presents a hazy and juicy experience that showcases the unique character of hops. Let the vibrant flavors and aromas of this Hazy IPA light up your taste buds and elevate your beer enjoyment.

Ingredients: Water, Rice, Millet, Rolled Oats, Hops, & Yeast

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About The Producer

Buck Wild Brewing
Oakland, CA
Buck Wild Brewing, the pioneer of 100% gluten-free craft beer in California, brings a unique twist to the brewing scene. Nestled in Oakland's Historic Warehouse District, this brewery crafts exceptional gluten-free beers using innovative ingredients like millet, rice, and buckwheat. The founder's personal journey towards a gluten-free lifestyle, coupled with a passion for the outdoors, drove him to create a space where people could bond over a cold brew after adventurous exploits.Read more