Brea Wine Co.

Brea Wine Co.

Berkeley, CA

Chris Brockway, winemaker and owner at Broc Cellars, a noted California natural wine maker, and Tim Elenteny, the libations logistics master behind TE Imports, are the masterminds behind Brea Wine Company.  

They have seen the thirst for site specific, terroir driven, and sustainably farmed wine become the driving force for many avant-garde California winemakers who gravitate toward varieties that flow outside the mainstream. Brea Wine Company seeks to capture this thirst while also bringing the beloved classic varietals Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, and Pinot Noir into the fold. 

The two seek to create wine that is beyond reproach by fostering close relationships with farmers and choosing vineyards known for their high quality grapes.  Brea wines are accessible in price and quality, ready to drink now but also suitable for short term aging. The goal is to open minds back up to these classic varietals. There is a reason people have loved them over the years and we want you to be proud to have them on your shelves or serve them by the glass.

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