Occitan Gin

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Occitan Gin

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1L, 42% abv
Gin was first made by Bordiga in 1889, and this gin is made from the original Bordiga recipe. Only four main botanical flavors are used, some from the Occitan Alps, hence the name. The four are Angelica, Juniper, Cardamom and traces of orange and lemon peel. Occitan Gin has traditionally been made exclusively from juniper that grows wild (not cultivated) in the Maritime Alps, near Cuneo, which are some of the highest mountains in Europe. This combination of altitude and maritime influence enriches the essential oils of the juniper berries grown here, giving them a unique flavor; the berries are picked by hand. The different botanicals are macerated separately in triple-distilled grain alcohol, then distilled before being bottled. 

Ingredients: Angelica, Juniper, Cardamom, Orange and lemon peel, Neutral Grain Spirits

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Cuneo, Italy
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