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Approx 15-25 stems, 25-40" tall

Godetia is an annual flower native to western North America, ranging from the mountains of British Columbia to the coastal hills of the San Francisco Bay Area. Also known by the endearing name "farewell-to-spring", perhaps because it blooms just as spring temperatures begin rising, the ephemeral blooms of these godetia from Full Belly Farm will make your heart swell. Bouquets of satiny pink, white, and lavender flowers lend a lightly floral cinnamon smell.

Bouquets will arrive with a mixture of closed- and partially-opened buds which will fully open over the course of a few days. To care for the flowers, place them in an area where they may get a modest amount of indirect light. Regularly change the water in their vase while trimming their stems preserves their beauty.

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