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Organic Red Spring Onion

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Organic Red Spring Onion

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Approx. 0.75 - 0.85 lb per ct
Spring Onions are the spring (or sometimes fall) versions of the cured bulbs you're used to seeing year-round at the grocery store. If left to grow further, the onion greens would die off in the heat of the summer, and then after the bulbs had thickened up a bit, they'd be hung up to dry, and the familiar papery cellulose layers would form a protective layer that enables the onion to stay in storage for a few months up to a year, depending upon the variety. At this stage in the plant's life, the whole plant is edible and can be chopped up much like a scallion. It has a sweeter, milder flavor than when the bulbs are fully cured.

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Blue House Organic Farm
Pescadero, CA
Blue House Farm is a place that recognizes & nourishes the connection between good food, the natural world, and the local community. They grow an incredible diversity of certified organic vegetables, fruits, and cut flowers.Read more