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Bulk Organic Brussels Sprouts

3 lb
$5.66 / lb
Bulk Organic Brussels Sprouts

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These tender and delicious baby Brussels Sprouts are truly a treat! Roast them, caramelize or shred into a slaw. For easy cleaning, soak in a bowl of salted lukewarm water.

Please note: it is next to impossible to grow Brussels Sprouts organically without a few aphids catching on to the deliciousness. While we do our best to send out only the cleanest sprouts and clean up whatever we need to, but you may find an aphid or two on a few sprouts.

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Blue House Farm
San Gregorio, CA
Blue House Farm is a place that recognizes & nourishes the connection between good food, the natural world, and the local community. They grow an incredible diversity of certified organic vegetables, fruits, and cut flowers.Read more