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Blue Cove Preserves

Branzino with Piquillo Peppers & Herbs

3.5 oz
Branzino with Piquillo Peppers & Herbs

Product Details

Blue Cove Preserves Branzino with Piquillo Peppers presents fillets of Branzino alongside meticulously chosen ingredients for an exquisite taste. This selection includes olive oil, roasted Spanish Piquillo peppers, additional olive oil for richness, select herbs, and a hint of salt. Perfect for an elegant yet easy meal, enjoy it directly from the can with crusty bread or incorporate it into a sophisticated salad or pasta dish for a touch of Mediterranean flair.

Ingredients: Olive oil, Roasted Spanish piquillo peppers, olive oil, herbs, salt

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About The Producer

Blue Cove Preserves
San Francisco, CA
Blue Cove Preserves, founded by Stephanie Fels, brings the celebrated tradition of tinned fish from southern Europe to North American tables. Embracing her French and Ecuadorian heritage, Stephanie's mission is to enrich kitchen pantries with delicious, nutritionally rich seafood preserves. Blue Cove Preserves stands out for its commitment to local, responsible fishing practices along the US Atlantic coast, offering a selection of gourmet seafood tins crafted with locally sourced, premium condiments and devoid of any additional preservatives.Read more