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Organic Three Africas Coffee Beans

8 oz
$25.98 / lb
Organic Three Africas Coffee Beans

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8 oz, whole coffee beans.

This coffee is a blend of Ugandan and two different Ethiopian coffees, which produce a big, chocolatey aroma. Unlike some of our fancy single origins, this blend has a personality that's easy to like. It has a good body, unthreatening complexity, and a clean aftertaste. The Ethiopian beans—a Yirgacheffe and dry­ processed Sidamo—leave subtle imprints of dried blueberries and cardamom, and the Ugandan leaves a slightly raisiny finish. A fairly dark roast, this blend will take milk or cream well. 

Certified organic by CCOF.

Three Africas is composed of one Ugandan and two Ethiopian coffees, which rotate seasonally.

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