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Blue Bottle Coffee

Organic Balanced Whole Coffee Beans

12 oz
$1.74 / oz
Organic Balanced Whole Coffee Beans

Product Details

12 oz organic whole coffee beans

Blue Bottle Coffee Organic Balanced Whole Coffee Beans offers a harmonious and smooth experience with its medium-light roast, perfectly suited for any occasion. This 12 oz. bag of organic coffee is a versatile choice for coffee enthusiasts. Crafted to capture the nuanced flavors of each origin, the Balanced blend presents a symphony of warm notes including caramel, lemon zest, and cocoa. Whether enjoyed on its own or combined with milk or cream, this unique coffee blend delivers a delightful and well-rounded taste. Created from naturally processed, certified organic whole beans sourced from esteemed producers and freshly roasted in small batches, the Balanced blend embodies the essence of premium specialty coffee.

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Blue Bottle Coffee
Oakland, CA
A legendary coffee roaster dedicated to only using the finest, most delicious and responsibly sourced beans.Read more