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Giant Steps Coffee Beans

6 oz
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Giant Steps Coffee Beans

Product Details

Introducing Blue Bottle's groundbreaking pressure-seal technology! This streamlined, recyclable, storable canister locks out oxygen and locks in the goodness of Blue Bottle's just-roasted coffee beans, keeping whole beans fresh for up to 4 months after roasting. In the can, you'll find Blue Bottle's Organic Giant Steps Coffee Beans, named after John Coltrane’s Giant Steps. It's their darkest roast, sourcing beans from Uganda, Papua New Guinea, and Sumatra. Rich and substantial without being inelegant, this blend is great for drip or pour over and stands up well to milk and cream, although it's also delightful black. 

Ingredients: organic coffee beans.

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Blue Bottle Coffee
Oakland, CA
A legendary coffee roaster dedicated to only using the finest, most delicious and responsibly sourced beans.Read more