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Organic Traditional Egg Tagliatelle

8.8 oz
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Organic Traditional Egg Tagliatelle

Product Details

Bionaturæ's Organic Traditional Egg Tagliatelle is made with certified organic wheat grown in Italy on small family-owned farms, without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. It's flavorful and toothsome with a great texture. Tagliatelle is classically used for meat sauces like a ragù or bolognese, but it's also a great match for a creamy or herby (think pesto!) topping.

Ingredients: organic durum wheat semolina, organic pasteurized eggs.
Contains: egg, wheat.

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About The Producer

Bionaturæ® was born in 1995 as a premier brand of organic foods from Italy. They have remained a family-oriented, privately owned company, with a heartfelt devotion to quality and tradition. Read more