Big Dipper Baby Food

Big Dipper Baby Food

San Mateo, CA
Our unique combinations contain nutrient dense and delicious flavors to start your little one off on to a lifetime of healthy eating.

All of our blends are made with 100% organic ingredients in small batches in our kitchen in San Mateo. We use local, whole ingredients at every opportunity to ensure your baby reaps the many benefits of what nature intended. Once the pouches are filled, we use Cold Pressure Technology (HPP) to protect the nutrients, flavors, and color of our carefully crafted baby food, ensuring your baby gets only the best!

Proudly fueling the future, 
Claire Hoyt-Founder, CEO

"Nothing is more important than feeding babies and children the most nutritious and tasty foods right from the beginning.  As a pediatrician of 30 years I know that developing a palate for good food starts at an early age and lasts a lifetime.  Claire Hoyt, founder, CEO and mom behind Big Dipper Baby Food prepares tasty, nutritious baby purees using traditional techniques and locally grown foods and even delivers them right to your home in reusable jars.  Thanks to Claire, even busy working parents can provide their children with a variety of nutritious, tasty, well prepared first foods."

 Lindy Woodard MD

Pediatric Alternatives

Mill Valley CA

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