Bernard Baudry

Chinon "Le Domaine"

750 ml
Chinon "Le Domaine"

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One producer who is largely responsible for Chinon’s notoriety is Bernard Baudry, and his son Matthieu, who now manages the domaine. The Baudrys farm vineyards scattered across Chinon, from parcels that sit on clay-and-limestone slopes to those nestled along a gravel-and-sand riverbank. They accordingly produce many unique styles of wine even though they all fall within the appellation of Chinon.

This cuvée comes from their highest vineyard, which rests on a plateau of gravel, sand, and limestone, and it is arguably their best entry point into the charm of Loire Valley Cabernet Franc, lithe and less dense than the bottlings from their clay-and-limestone terroirs. Spontaneous fermentation and unfiltered bottling lead to a delicate, peppery wine with notes of blackberries, currants, and leather.

Matthieu Baudry says the reds of Chinon are best enjoyed with food, and this particular bottling is versatile enough to accompany a wide range of plates, from lentil soup to charcuterie to roast chicken.

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Bernard Baudry
Cravant-les-Côteaux, France
Bernard Baudry is a certified organic winery in the Chinon area of the Loire Valley.Read more