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Uji Matcha Tomo-Gaki

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Uji Matcha Tomo-Gaki

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Bernal Cutlery's crew sources the very best powdered teas from Japan. We hope you like our Matcha selection as well as the entire set that includes Hojicha, Sencha, and Genmaicha. Our Matcha is the highest quality matcha powder from Uji, Japan. 

The perfect blend of umami along with subtle nigami (earthy bitterness) that balances out the different notes. 

Directions: To prepare take a matcha bowl and pour some hot water in it, swirl it around, and discard the water.

Take 2g of the matcha powder, (you may sift here to minimize clumps) and gently pour a little bit of water to initially whisk out clumps. Then add 70ml of hot water (about 80 degrees). Take a matcha whisk and whisk vigorously back and forth (not circular motion) for about 30 seconds until you start producing nice oxidization and foam. 

Refrigerate after opening. 

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