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K Sabatier / Tartine / Bernal 12" Serrated Stainless Bread Knife Slicer

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K Sabatier / Tartine / Bernal 12" Serrated Stainless Bread Knife Slicer

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1 count

K Sabatier / Bernal Cutlery / Tartine Bakery 12" serrated slicer. Drop forged stainless steel blade. Riveted olive wood handle with red and blue inner spacers.

Co-designed with their San Francisco Mission district neighbor Tartine Bakery and the venerable French knife maker K Sabatier, established in Thiers France in 1834. Do NOT put in the dishwasher. Oil handle every 6 months.

The idea for the Tartine - K Sabatier - Bernal Cutlery collaborative bread knives was sparked during a conversation between Tartine's Chad Robertson and Bernal Cutlery's Sam Rezendes. Chad confessed that he prefers to use a chef knife to cut bread, (especially the big sourdough loaves that Tartine is famous for) but sometimes wished the knife was more aggressive at the tip. They all agreed on trying to combine the great cutting ability of carbon steel and the merits of the old standby of the bread knife phylum; the serrated knife. With this in mind, the possibility was discussed with Philippe Bournilhas of K Sabatier. Philippe was excited and came up with a new take on the solid olive wood handles that are a Bernal Cutlery favorite, adding a blue and red spacers as an homage to the colors of France and USA. From these conversations, their collaborative bread knives were born.

While there are other serrated-tip chef knives out there, they wanted one in French carbon steel, with superior toughness and edge life to the stainless. Most likely, folks will find this an all-around workhorse in their kitchen, not just for Tartine bread! They decided on a stainless 12" round tip slicer shape for the partner to it, as some folks will undoubtedly prefer a more traditional style bread knife with less maintenance needed.

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