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Izumo Genmai-cha Powder

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Izumo Genmai-cha Powder

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Delicious tea without the fuss! Bernal Cutlery's crew sourced the very best powdered teas from Japan. We hope you like our entire selection. Our house Genmai-cha Powder is a blend of brown rice (uruchi rice) with sencha green tea (slightly larger leaves). The flavor of tea and the aroma of brown rice are just right in powder form. Comes in an aluminum can. Preparing powder tea makes for ease in preparation as you don't need a teapot, just scoop in your desired amount of powder and pour hot water on top. The amount of tea one uses in a single serving is totally up to individual preference, but the standard amount is one teaspoon for 1 cup of 80-degree water. 

Refrigerate after opening. 

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