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Hitohira Futana S3 170mm Bunka Ginsanko Nashiji Cherry

1 count
Hitohira Futana S3 170mm Bunka Ginsanko Nashiji Cherry

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1 count

Soft stainless clad ginsanko stainless with nashiji (pear skin) finish with a wide beveled grind. This factory forged series is relatively simply ground to keep them very affordable, especially compared to the higher end ginsanko knives. This treatment of ginsanko can be sharpened at a variety of finishes depending to the users taste but it does great in the 4-6K finish range from our tests. Ginsanko is a fine grained, high carbon content (1% + carbon), low chromium (13%) stainless steel with the cutting and sharpening feel of a carbon steel, but less maintenance with regard to reactivity. Although it won’t rust, keep dry when not in use to preserve edge life.

Steel Type: Ginsanko

Handle Material: Cherry Wood & Ebony Ferrule Octagonal

Weight: 121g

Height at Heel: 43mm

Overall Length: 323mm

Cutting Edge Length: 174mm

Thickness: 1.7mm

Handle Length: 135mm

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