Smoked Mozarella

8 oz
Smoked Mozarella

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Belfiore Smoked Mozzarella is a flavor sensation. This 8 oz loaf-shaped ball of semi-soft stretched mozzarella is uniquely aromatic, thanks to a 100% natural wood-smoking process with a special blend of three different wood chips. The slow, cold-smoke method in a traditional wood-burning smokehouse gives it a delightful color, aroma, and flavor. Lightly brined, briefly aged, and brimming with live Pro-Biotic Lactic cultures, this cheese has a smooth, delicate texture and a creamy, milky flavor complemented by an aromatic smoke overtone. Vacuum-sealed for freshness, it has a 90-day shelf life. No additives or preservatives, just pure, gluten-free delight. Enjoy this award-winning cheese year-round.

Ingredients: Cultured Pasteurized Milk, *Vinegar, Non-Animal Rennet, and Salt

Contains: Milk.

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Belfiore Cheese Company is one of the few remaining small, family-owned cheese making operations in the Bay Area. All Belfiore products are made 100% naturally without any additives or preservatives.Read more