Beach Coffee

Beach Coffee

San Francisco

Beach Coffee is a San Francisco based beverage company that is leading the way in the cold brew movement. We are re­thinking coffee, and figuring out new ways to enjoy old favorites. We cold brew our coffee in coconut water to give it a hint of natural sweetness, and a smooth texture, without adding anything!

Who We Are

We are makers at heart, and we love to try new things. One day we were joking that the only thing we drank was coffee and coconut water, and the next day we couldn't help but try combining the two. The real breakthrough came was when we realized we could actually brew the coffee in coconut water rather than just mixing them together. Brewing in coconut water brought a new depth and smoothness to the coffee that blew us away. We started making bigger batches and giving it to our friends in old beer bottles. When they kept asking for more, we knew it was time to bring Beach Coffee to the rest of the world!

How We Do It

From the start we knew that the key to making anything great was to use only high quality ingredients. That is why Beach Coffee is made with 100% Organic, In­Season, Direct Trade coffee roasted to perfection here in the San Francisco Bay Area and young Thai coconut water.

Our partners help us source the highest quality beans in the world, directly from farmers. Our coffee blend may change to accommodate the freshest crops, but we promise an unwavering flavor profile: classic coffee fullness with complex, jammy notes. We’ve found that the best­tasting coconut water comes from the beaches of Thailand. These coconuts provide the natural sweetness that makes Beach Coffee special, without needing to add any sugar. We've tried coconut water from around the world, and trust us, the beaches of Thailand grow the best coconuts.

Our cold brewing process has been developed from the ground up over years of trial and error. We have dialed in every detail in the process to consistently produce a coffee that best highlights the great ingredients that we use. This means paying attention to the natural variations in ingredients that come from using real food. Each harvest of coffee beans and coconut water is slightly different than the last, which is both beautiful and challenging!

Why We Do It

Our small company's big mission is to help people enjoy real food that has no additives. By re­thinking the cold brewing process we have figured out the healthiest way to sweeten coffee. Beach Coffee is made up of real, whole foods, and it doesn't need anything else. We are here to give people an alternative to energy drinks, sodas, and cold coffee's with tons of milk, sugar, and calories. 

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