Batiste Rhum

Batiste Silver Rhum

750 ml

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Batiste Silver Rhum

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750ml, 40%abv
Batiste's Silver Rhum is vibrant with aromas of lychee and tropical fruits, with subtle hints of grassiness and floral herbaceous notes that follow onto the palate. Sip neat, on the rocks, or in a classic Ti’ Punch: 2 oz. Rhum Agricole, squeeze of half a lime, cane syrup (or muddled raw sugar) to taste, 1-2 ice cubes (optional).Combine and serve in an old-fashioned glass or tumbler garnished with a lime twist.

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Batiste Rhum
Batiste Rhum Ecoiste is cleaner, more versatile, and pleasing than any rum you've ever tasted. Its story begins in the Caribbean, on a fair trade farm that's been growing sugarcane since 1769.Read more