Barebottle Brewing Company

Barebottle Fruited Sour Ale

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Barebottle Fruited Sour Ale

Product Details

Four 64 fl oz

Barebottle Brewing Company's Rotational Fruited Sour Ale delivers a burst of fruity goodness in every sip. With rotating fruit infusions, each release offers a different medley of flavors that dance across your palate. From tangy to sweet, this sour ale is a vibrant and refreshing choice for those who crave a dynamic taste experience.

Ingredients: Malted Barley, Wheat, Corn, Yeast, Hop products. Certain releases may contain lactose. All specific ingredients listed on each label.

Contains: Wheat.

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About The Producer

Barebottle Brewing Company
San Francisco, CA
Barebottle Brewing Co., a crowd-inspired craft brewery based in San Francisco, was born out of a simple yet powerful realization: some of the boldest and most inventive beers in the country are being crafted by homebrewers. Founded by three friends, Lester Koga, Michael Seitz, and Ben Sterling, who share a deep passion for brewing, Barebottle is all about pushing the boundaries of beer innovation.Read more