Barber Lee Spirits

Single Malt Rye

750 ml
Single Malt Rye

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100% Malted Rye. This rare style of whiskey is rich, spicy, unique, and very hard to make. Double distilled in our custom copper potstill and then aged in oak for 2-4 years.

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About The Producer

Barber Lee Spirits
Petaluma, CA
Barber Lee Spirits is a true artisan distillery, committed to crafting unique and challenging spirits. Every step of the process, from distillation to tasting, is carefully done by hand, embracing tradition. Their diverse offerings include whiskey, apple brandy, absinthe, and rum. Sustainability is paramount, with non-GMO and organic ingredients, and a dedication to repurposing resources, such as leather labels and spent grains.Read more