Ardor Organic

Ardor Energy Tropical Mango

12 fl oz
Ardor Energy Tropical Mango

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Escape to a world of vibrant energy with Ardor Energy Tropical Grapefruit. Immerse yourself in the exotic fusion of tropical vibes and zesty grapefruit essence. Unleash the power of the tropics in every sip, and let the invigorating taste transport you to a realm of unstoppable energy. Embrace the tropi-cool revolution!

Ingredients: carbonated purified water, organic flavor, organic l-theanine (from green tea), organic caffeine (from green tea), sea salt. Energy Sparkling Water with L-Theanine.

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About The Producer

Ardor Organic
Napa, CA
Ardor Organic redefines energy beverages with its focus on functionality and commitment to organic ingredients. Crafted as a light and refreshing flavored sparkling water, Ardor sources premium caffeine and l-theanine from organic green tea. With only five natural ingredients and no artificial additives or sweeteners, Ardor provides a crisp and revitalizing experience. Boasting a unique blend of 100mg caffeine and 200mg l-theanine, it offers a natural mental and physical boost for those seeking an invigorating beverage.Read more