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Ardor Organic

Ardor Energy Mexican Lime


12 fl oz
Ardor Energy Mexican Lime

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Fuel your day with the electrifying zest of Ardor Energy Mexican Lime. Unleash a burst of vibrant citrus power that invigorates your senses and propels you to new heights. Ignite your passion and embrace the bold energy of real Mexican limes. Embrace the lime-light!

Ingredients: carbonated purified water, organic flavor, organic l-theanine (from green tea), organic caffeine (from green tea), sea salt. Energy Sparkling Water with L-Theanine.

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About The Producer

Ardor Organic
Napa, CA
Ardor Organic redefines energy beverages with its focus on functionality and commitment to organic ingredients. Crafted as a light and refreshing flavored sparkling water, Ardor sources premium caffeine and l-theanine from organic green tea. With only five natural ingredients and no artificial additives or sweeteners, Ardor provides a crisp and revitalizing experience. Boasting a unique blend of 100mg caffeine and 200mg l-theanine, it offers a natural mental and physical boost for those seeking an invigorating beverage.Read more