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Organic Black Forest Sliced Ham

6 oz
Organic Black Forest Sliced Ham

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Applegate Organics' Organic Black Forest Sliced Ham brings the hearty, smoky goodness of a classic German tradition right to your sandwich.

Made with a commitment to responsible pork-raising practices, this sliced ham is Applegate Humanely Raised with no antibiotics ever and without the use of crates, tail docking, or teeth clipping. The pigs enjoy 100% vegetarian diets with no animal by-products, giving them more space to engage in natural behaviors and promote natural growth. With no chemical nitrates or nitrites, artificial ingredients, preservatives, fillers, or GMO ingredients, you can enjoy this flavorful ham with peace of mind.

Ingredients: Organic Pork, Water, Sea Salt. Contains Less Than 2% Of The Following: Organic Cane Sugar, Celery Powder.

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