Aperitivo Cappelletti

Aperitivo Cappelletti

750 ml
Aperitivo Cappelletti

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Aperitivo Cappelletti is a traditional italian red bitter liqueur, typically best in a spritz. The pleasant dry finish comes from the traditional wine base, and it yields less sweet, more balanced notes as a result.

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About The Producer

Aperitivo Cappelletti
Aldeno, Italy
Aperitivo Cappelletti, produced by Antica Erboristeria Cappelletti, is a true taste of tradition. This renowned producer, established in 1906, is nestled amidst the vineyards and apple orchards of Aldeno, Italy. They've been dedicated to crafting exceptional aperitivi and amari, with their classic Aperitivo Cappelletti being a regional favorite. Now in the hands of the fourth generation, Luigi and Maddalena Cappelletti, the company continues to honor its century-old legacy of creating botanical-infused delights.Read more