Anytime Spritz

Herby Lime Fizz

4 count
Herby Lime Fizz

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Four 355 ml cans, 5% ABV

Herby Lime Fizz is the ultimate herb-infused cocktail that brings together the refreshing flavors of organic vodka, zesty key lime, and a blend of fragrant herbs including thyme, sage, juniper, mint, and dill. It's like stepping into a garden oasis with every sip. This lively and invigorating spritz is perfect for poolside lounging, beach outings, and leisurely brunch spreads. And let's not forget the guilty pleasure of enjoying it while indulging in your favorite reality TV shows from the comfort of your couch. Cheers to the perfect balance of herbaceous goodness and a touch of boozy bliss!

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About The Producer

Anytime Spritz
Los Angeles, CA
Anytime Spritz is a new farm-to-can cocktail on a mission to fight climate change. Founded by women and powered by farmers, Anytime Spritz is putting flavor and sustainability first. Anytime’s cocktails are made with their custom-distilled regenerative organic vodka grown in NY paired with real fruits and herbs sourced directly from farms. Anytime is an exercise in delight! They celebrate bold juicy fruits, bubbles, and ingredients that come from the ground, not the lab. Anytime Spritz is a drink that’s better for you and for our planet. Read more