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Organic Vegan Mac and Cheese


6 oz
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Organic Vegan Mac and Cheese

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6 oz

Annie's Organic Vegan Mac and Cheese is made with dairy-free ingredients including pumpkin, sweet potato, and paprika. Creamy and savory, this mac and cheese is quick and easy to make. Simply boil the pasta, drain, and add the seasoning with your choice of non-dairy milk to enjoy.

Ingredients: Organic Pasta (organic wheat flour), Organic Pumpkin Powder (organic pumpkin, organic maltodextrin), Organic Sweet Potato Powder (organic sweet potato, organic maltodextrin, organic corn starch), Organic Corn Starch, Organic Tapioca Starch, Sea Salt, Organic Natural Flavor, Organic Paprika, Organic Onion Powder, Organic Garlic Powder.

Contains: wheat.

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Annie's Homegrown
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Annie’s mission is to cultivate a healthier and happier world by spreading goodness through nourishing foods, honest words and conduct that is considerate and forever kind to the planet. By extending their mission and values from farm to fork, they are actively working to build a more sustainable and regenerative food system by making high-quality foods that people love.Read more