Anderson Ranches

Anderson Ranches

Brownsville, OR

Anderson Ranches offers 100% grass-fed lamb and goat that were raised naturally in the Williamette Valley in Oregon. Five generations of lamb-raising expertise and care ensures Anderson Ranches lambs will produce the highest quality meat -- that is tender, juicy and delicious.

The Anderson’s have vast experience in selecting the best English breeds for optimal growth in Oregon’s climate. The sheep company is managed by Jake Anderson, who understands that genetics is key to healthy and happy animals. In addition; providing open ranges and pastures with unlimited grazing not only supports the natural growth and development of the sheep; it also improves the sustainability of the land by reducing weeds and noxious plants through the simple act of grazing. Grass-management is another key to sustaining high quality, it’s imperative to manage the land, ensuring it is not over or under-grazed.

The Anderson’s sheep grow until they are between 7-10 months of age and to an average weight of approximately 130 lb. The Willamette Valley boasts one of the most productive, grass-growing regions in the US, a perfect place to raise the perfect lambs. In turn, as the Anderson Ranches brand continues to grow, they are working with other local ranchers to contract similar lambs that have the same business philosophy and growing standards, just another way they are continuing to support their local community.

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