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Surfer Rosso Hard Seltzer

12 fl oz
Surfer Rosso Hard Seltzer

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AMASS's Surfer Rosso Hard Seltzer is inspired by the Pixies and the summer of '88. The ingredients found in this hard seltzer was picked carefully to emulate the technicolor dreamscape of summer. Bright and bold flavors from quince, hibiscus, and lemon are balanced with warming flavors of clove, ginger, and anise. Surfer Rosso can be enjoyed straight from the can or mixed into a cocktail.

Ingredients: water, alcohol from fermented organic cane sugar, quince juice concentrate, lemon juice, hibiscus concentrate, apple cider vinegar, lime extract, clove extract, ginger extract, star anise extract, turmeric extract.

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Los Angeles, CA
Believing in the power of nature, AMASS curates a selection of home, bath & body, and alcoholic beverages using clean botanics. Read more