Dry Gin

750 ml
Dry Gin

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750 mL, 45% ABV

Crafted right in Downtown Los Angeles, AMASS's Dry Gin is inspired by the terroir and cultural diversity of the region. This corn based gin is citrus forward and herby, but balanced with earthy notes from strong botanicals such as reishi and lion's mane mushrooms. It is distilled with other botanicals such as California bay leaf, hibiscus, and cardamom, which creates a dynamic palate.

Ingredients: non-gmo corn base spirit: juniper, coriander, cedar berries and bark, rosemary, angelica, orris root, cassia, fennel, licorice, cubeb, cascara sagrada, cacao, cardamom, california bay leaf, ginger, fresh lemon peel, fresh grapefruit peel, bitter orange peel, dried lemon peel, hibiscus, lion's mane mushroom, reishi mushroom, clove, nutmeg, ashwagandha, sarsaparilla, long pepper, grains of paradise, lime leaf.

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Los Angeles, CA
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